Newsletter 07/08/20

Williston Presbyterian Church

207 Elko Street P.O. Box 391 Williston, South Carolina (803) 266-3623

Rev. Dr. Beth Yarborough, Pastor



July 8, 2020


Move over all you young techies.  Your parent’s generation is moving full speed towards mastering the complex world of all things cyber.  No longer are we calling you to ask how to open an attachment to an email – we are creating the attachment!


Just as an observation, members of our worship team – with the exception of Alyson Collins are all 60 and above.  Over the last three months we have gone from Mike taping my cell phone to a music stand to record the clumsy first service, to a full-fledged recording studio.  Well, sort of.


Bob is the camera man and Mark is the video editor.  We have purchased editing software and clip-on microphones (which we still use for recording) that greatly enhance the finished product.  Early in the game we videoed the service in the order that it occurs.  Since then we have learned that each player can record their part and then Mark somehow magically puts it together in a way that is in the proper order.  This is helpful if someone is not able to be at the church when the rest of us are recording.


I am very appreciative of Mark’s careful selection and lovely execution of music each week. I would like to offer a big thank to Bob Cothran, Brent Park and Alyson Collins for bringing us creative and thoughtful children’s moments each week.  If you watch the videos or live-streaming of other churches, it’s hard to beat what the crew at Williston Presbyterian Church is offering for worship services.


There are a few challenges that we’ve yet to overcome.  Like not realizing the camera was focused on me during the prayer of confession and Mark said I kept “peeking” when my eyes should have been closed.  We try to make sure that the chancel area of the church is neat and tidy but occasionally a chair is out of place or Mark leaves his shoes out in plain view.  Honestly, it drives me crazy to watch the finished product as I am tempted to swat my own hands or straighten my hair.  But at the end of the day, I think we all can agree that “we’ve all come a long way, baby!”


It looks like the Corona virus is going to stick around for a while.  Session will meet next week to discuss any options that we can come up but as it is at the current moment, gathering for worship in the sanctuary may be too risky.  There will most likely be a surge of infections following the 4th of July weekend and we’ll continue to monitor that.  In the meantime, please be safe, exercise caution and stay well.


I find it curious that the subject of wearing a mask has become controversial and has driven people to say and do hateful things to each other about it.  My best advice is if you don’t want to wear a mask, so be it.  But for heavens sake, don’t criticize someone who opts to wear a mask.  A much-loved doctor who practiced in Orangeburg for many years used two words to sum up the entirety of the Bible: “Be nice.”  Not a bad reminder at a time when we’re in a pandemic, not just of COVID19 but also a pandemic of stress.


As final remodeling and construction plans come together for the church, we will share these with you.  We are operating under the belief that we will be back in the sanctuary sometime in the future and when we do, we will be ready with some new sounds from the organ and a better utilized education and work space.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the church.  As always, you can drop your tithes off at Floral Mark-it or by mail at P. O. Box 391, Williston, SC 29853.  If you’ve not checked out the church’s website, go to  Sermons are located there and as of the last week, the newsletters will be posted.  Like I said, move over techies.  We are catching up!


Be well, my friends.  You are loved.


Prayer Concerns: 

Members: Martha Beatty,  Tommy Burton,  Addie  Fanning,   Shirley Flynn,  Ruthie Hewitt,  Vivian Holliday, Mary Catherine Lindler,  Andy Lott,   Janice Wakefield, The Family of Bo Stillinger


Friends & Family:   Debra Ardis (Ruthie’s Niece),   Lewis Boice, Rhett Brown,  Russell Burkhalter,  Dwayne Cagle,  Mary Chalker,   Jeannie Chavous (co-worker of Mary K.),Glenda & Lanier Clifton ( Mary Kay’s Cousin),   Shirley Collins,    Jo Criss (Shirley Flynn’s Sister),  Linda Dicks,  Janet Fisher, Dr. Jay Jones,  Janice Hatfield, (Elaine Lawrence’s Sister)  Betty Knotts (Grace’s Sister),   Faye McDonald,  J.R. McGinnis ( Cathy Ashba’s brother),  John McHenry (Mary Kay’s Nephew), Lisa Neal (Chris Dunnaway’s daughter), Pat Ratteree,    Bill Ray (co-worker of Bo),  Sarah Sanders ( Billy & Alice’s neighbor), Dean & Jean Sample (Kathy Beasley’s parents),   John Sheppard (Diane & Johnny’s son), Lisa Simmons (Cathy Ashba’s cousin)  May Smith,  Linda Still,   Rev. Tom Summers, Amy Suratt (Gene Thomas’s daughter), Gene Thomas,  Millie Truitt,  Joe Waller (Billy’s brother), The Family of Larry Holly (Mary Kay’s Boss), The Family of Glynn Higgenbotham (Marcia Burkhalter’s Uncle), The Family of Dora Everson, (Shirley Flynn’s Sister), The Family of Larry Carpenter


Local Law Enforcement,  First Responders, Medical Personnel, and our Nation’s Leaders


Military:  Jeff Collins, (Judy Collins McAlhany’s Grandson) Doug Duncan, (Kathy’s son) Charlie Johnson (Kathy’s Nephew),  Bradley Lott, (Andy & Roxanne’s Son),  Shane McAlhaney  (Andy & Roxanne’s Nephew), and U.S. Military Chaplains

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